After preaching on college campuses for the past 12 years, I decided it was time to write something down about what God has been doing in my life, teaching me over the years and to hopefully address the famine in the land for Biblical Truth. 

As I talk to college students every semester, I am amazed by how many neglect Truth for vain philosophy. They no longer have confidence in the Holy Bible but trust more in their feelings and what the culture believes. 

Even professing christians on the college campus have been compromised by believing what the culture tells them than what the Bible clearly teaches. For example, every time I preach on campus, I will find “christians” justifying the gay lifestyle. Some even proudly label themselves “gay christians”, whatever that means. Friends, you can’t be a gay christian! You could be a christian who still battle the temptation to be gay, but you’re going to fight and want to overcome. When you read 1 Corinthians 6:9-15, what do you hear? Paul clearly confronts the sins in the world and says that those who are following christ are no longer enslaved to their sins. He writes, ”Such WERE some of you”. You no longer identify as or want to practice the lifestyle of an adulterer, a thief, a drunkard, a homosexual. Unfortunately, many people on the college campus are not taking these verses to heart.

Even though homosexuality is an issue facing only 2-4% of the population, it has become THE HOT BUTTON ISSUE of our day. What one believe about homosexuality tells me whether people actually love the Bible or not. If you want to know whether they are a biblical christian, ask them about their views on homosexuality. 

Do we believe what the Bible says clearly about the issues in our culture today? Those who are truly born again and are real christians will love the bible and want to defend it in the midst of great opposition. And you certainly wouldn’t go to a “Gay affirming church”, because these churches stand in opposition to God’s Holy Word. And your pastor wouldn’t be gay either! Trust me friends, I hear these stories far too often.

As christians, we must not avoid confronting the IDOLS in our culture today because so many people are being deceived by false teachers, hollywood, politicians, and even pastors. Jesus didn’t avoid hard topics, and neither should we. Jesus came out swinging in his first message, “Unless you repent, you will likewise perish.” But, So many professing christians have been deceived into thinking you must build a relationship with unbelievers and even earn the right to be heard by them. How can a dead man come alive, but by the power of the Gospel being shared with these dead men walking? That’s why when you read the four Gospels or the Book of Acts, you see bold witnessing to unbelievers. And those that wanted to learn more about his teachings, Jesus would dine with those people! We have it backwards my friends if we spend our lives focusing only on “relationship evangelism”. We must return to be a people of the Book, God’s Holy Word.

This book is about following the Master, Jesus of Nazareth.