It amazes me how so many professing Christians ask us as preachers how “EFFECTIVE” we are being by boldly preaching the True Gospel to lost college kids! You see, Gospel Preaching usually leads to Gospel conversations about the things of God. I remember one time preaching without a crowd being gathered yet and a muslim from Saudi Arabia comes right up to me and begins to engage me on the things of God and what I believed. As a result of that particular encounter, I was able to meet with this young man over coffee and discuss the Bible with him! I would have never met this man before if it had not been the hand of God to bring him to talk to me while I was preaching the Gospel.

You see, the reason so many professing christians ask this question is because they are not seeing clearly what I saw in the Bible many years ago in the Gospel accounts and the Book of Acts. The disciples were commanded by Jesus to be his witnesses and to Go and make disciples of all nations. So, they prayed for God’s Help and the result was God giving them boldness to go into the marketplace, the public square, the Synagogues preaching the Gospel, testifying about what God had done for them to bless them with the forgiveness of sins.

I honestly don’t understand sometimes if we can be filled with the same Holy Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead, and yet see the Scriptures so differently. Thankfully, there are many that do see clearly to Go into all the world preaching the Gospel. There is a revival of sorts of men leaving the church building and going to the highways and byways preaching the Gospel from city to city. I’ve prayed with these men, preached with these men, been imprisoned with these men and rejoiced with these men. I pray that God would raise up many more men and pastors accordingly to preach the Gospel as we see in the Gospels and the Book of Acts once again.

And when you preach the Gospel publicly, Gospel conversations will result…