I remember being at Michigan Stadium the day Michigan Football and Charles Woodson beat the Ohio State Buckeyes to finish an undefeated season of 11-0 on their way to the National Championship. 20 years later, football doesn’t seem to have the same excitement I had on that crazy day when I stepped onto the field after that great game and took a piece of that sod home in remembrance. You see, God did something in me that has forever changed my life and my past loves.

I’m certainly not saying that you can’t enjoy a good football game in person or watch a great game on TV! I would be a hypocrite if I meant that! No, I’m talking about your affections, your desires, your passions being transformed by the Living God. I came to learn what happened to me when I read John chapter 3 as Jesus taught on the Doctrine of Regeneration, being born again by the Spirit of the Living God! You see, when I was born again, not of my own will, but from above, I began to see everything differently…football, education, a career, money, relationships, sex…and I mean everything! Only God could do that in a guy like me who used to worship Michigan Football and the University of Michigan with their maize & blue. I wanted to spend less time on the things of man and had more desire for the things of God. My mind has been changed, My heart awakened to the beauty of the Cross. I see Jesus high and lifted up. I want to tell others about Jesus more than I do about the score of the latest michigan game. This is in no way to boast in me friends…oh look at how religious Ken is now. NO, please don’t hear that. I want you to know that GOD has done that in me. He has changed my LOVE for football to LOVE Christ above all. I get no credit at all.

Maybe your idol wasn’t football, but money or popularity or education or your career. I don’t know what it is for you reading this now, but I pray God will awaken you to convict you of any idols in your life and that you would lay them down at the feet of Jesus. That you would put your trust in Jesus alone who took the punishment for your idolatry, your false loves, your sins. Jesus is a great Savior. He calls us out of a life of sin. He sets us free from both the Power of and the Penalty of Sin.

That’s why Jesus is greater than Football.