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Judge NOT is the most misunderstand bible phrase

This is such a common response to the public preaching of the Gospel these days, it is no surprise when you hear it shouted by nonchristians, atheists and even some professing christians! Normally, you don’t have time to do a whole Bible Study on what Jesus is clearly saying in Matthew 7 when you’re up there preaching to a bunch of college students, but I hope this video below and some comments will shed some light on the bad theology and lies these college students are believing. Greg Laurie outlines in this video the problem with saying “Judge Not”: “Judge… Read More »Judge NOT is the most misunderstand bible phrase

Preaching produces Gospel Conversations

It amazes me how so many professing Christians ask us as preachers how “EFFECTIVE” we are being by boldly preaching the True Gospel to lost college kids! You see, Gospel Preaching usually leads to Gospel conversations about the things of God. I remember one time preaching without a crowd being gathered yet and a muslim from Saudi Arabia comes right up to me and begins to engage me on the things of God and what I believed. As a result of that particular encounter, I was able to meet with this young man over coffee and discuss the Bible with… Read More »Preaching produces Gospel Conversations

Evolution is a LIE

One of my favorite signs to bring to a College Campus is the “Evolution is a Lie” Sign because it will cause so many students to not only react to it but respond to it so you can begin to engage them with what they believe about Evolution and God. This picture was actually taken at Union Square in NYC, one of my favorite places to preach in America. But back to the whole Evolution is a Lie thing. There are so many college students that are being led into great deception about Creation.  It’s almost like they don’t want… Read More »Evolution is a LIE

My First Time Preaching on a Campus…

This picture reminds me of the first time I started preaching on a College Campus because it is the exact spot I first preached at the Arizona State University back in 2008. I didn’t know what I was doing back then, so the only thing I knew was to spend time in prayer before, read the Scriptures, and ask God to move on the campus. When I got to the campus that first time, I knew the best thing I could do was to read from God’s Holy Word and allow God to speak to the students walking by me.… Read More »My First Time Preaching on a Campus…

What will you be known for Before You Die?

`I was taken aback by this sign as I was walking the streets of Louisville KY, and tried to even use this to engage people in conversation about the things of God. It is a good question for all of us to ask, especially as Christians, to ask ourselves because it conftonts what we are living for. Are we living to for money, popularity, possessions? Jesus confronts that clearly in Holy Scripture, “If any man would come after him, he must deny himself, take up his cross and follow him.” These words of Jesus shake me to the core, as… Read More »What will you be known for Before You Die?