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October 2017

Judge NOT is the most misunderstand bible phrase

This is such a common response to the public preaching of the Gospel these days, it is no surprise when you hear it shouted by nonchristians, atheists and even some professing christians! Normally, you don’t have time to do a whole Bible Study on what Jesus is clearly saying in Matthew 7 when you’re up there preaching to a bunch of college students, but I hope this video below and some comments will shed some light on the bad theology and lies these college students are believing. Greg Laurie outlines in this video the problem with saying “Judge Not”: “Judge… Read More »Judge NOT is the most misunderstand bible phrase

Jesus is Greater than Football

I remember being at Michigan Stadium the day Michigan Football and Charles Woodson beat the Ohio State Buckeyes to finish an undefeated season of 11-0 on their way to the National Championship. 20 years later, football doesn’t seem to have the same excitement I had on that crazy day when I stepped onto the field after that great game and took a piece of that sod home in remembrance. You see, God did something in me that has forever changed my life and my past loves. I’m certainly not saying that you can’t enjoy a good football game in person… Read More »Jesus is Greater than Football